Jumat, 21 September 2012

Saturday night, that i wont forget..

Well, last saturday, i had a Student Organization program in my school, soooo we must sleep at there for a day.. yes, we slept in a class called 'bed room for a while' lol. The OSIS Program was creepy (bcs it held at night), but still fun. We pray Magrib and Isya together in our school's mushalla, then we  played 'Truth or Dare', but no one choose 'Dare' haha, i know all of us feels scared at the moment. When the game ends, our Seniors asked us to sleep (but none of us was sleep awhile haha). At 12pm, all seniors came to our bed room and knocked the door, tables, and windows loudly to wake us. How disturbing they're -_-
Next, the seniors close our eyes tightly with a scarf that we was brought from home. I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING zzzzz. The senior bring us one by one to a different place around the school, and....... YEAH THE SENIOR LEFT ME AT IDK WHERE, ALONE, maybe... 
Not long, i feel someone blowing wind  on my neck, uh dammit. BUT IM NOT SCARED! I know it just a senior, not a ghost, or whatever.. Then, we gather in a room to do 'renungan malam' together.. we cried, we prayed, and we shared each other. 
The seniors close our eyes with a scarf again, then ask us to 'Squat Walking' a.k.a. 'Jalan Jongkok' to a place that we dont know where. Hell, my feet are aching! All juniors who did Squat Walking are feels so f*ckin tired. Finally, the seniors told us to open our scarf, then..... how stunned we are when we realized that we already sat around the beautiful bonfire in our school field. We watched the pretty awesome fireworks on the night sky.. Then the seniors asked us to sleep in our 'bedroom for a while'. At 4am, the seniors came and knocked the door, tables, and windows loudly for the second time... We wake and close our eyes tightly with a scarf again, then the seniors bring us to a place idk where, and asked us to prostration on the floor, and................. byuuuuuuurrrrrr.... all of juniors was getting wet bcs the seniors flush our bodies with dirty water that really really smelly. Dammit. 
Finally end of the day.. we take a bath together in our schools's bathroom. And im so happy atm, because IM AN OSIS MEMBER NOW!  YEAAAAH!

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